Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Short Discussion

Today I went to talk to Dan.

Tonight we present our Christmas Concert at the Mission.

One year ago, Dan was there. Standing in the back on the left side. With all the ushers.

Tonight he won't be there.

So I went to talk to him about that.

I had just finished a wonderful 2 hour lunch with my friends from Bakersfield who came over for the concert. We had sat at a window seat at Steamer's and watched the ocean and the people on the beach.

We were two blocks from Dan.

So when I drove out of the parking lot, the car sorta just headed to Harloe.

I sat on the bench where we used to share our evening tea.

The Tea Bench

And I just talked to the place where we scattered his ashes.

Dan's iceplant
And I watched the ocean.

Pacific Ocean and Harloe Street
I told him to be at the concert. I think he heard me because when I left the car went to where Dan liked to be to think in the quiet.

The Monarch Butterfly preserve.

Butterfly Preserve
See the benches? That is where he sat. To think.

So peaceful and quiet.

I hope we pass that on to everyone tonight.

Dan would find that very important.


  1. Dear G.G.
    This weekend last year was the last time I saw my sister, Lily.
    That thought has been sitting there in the back of my head all week.
    You're the only person I've mentioned it to.

  2. You *know* he'll be there, in every note and every pause, and he'll be standing right there beside you. He wouldn't miss it for anything...

    If it were my brother, he'd probably stick a wet finger in your ear to try to make you miss a high note, but then mine was a wee bit immature ;)

  3. we were standing by a fire the other night and the embers were flying in the air and dodge said that they were flying to daniel. we miss him.