Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of Those Days

OK, I am still getting over that dratted cold and my cough sounds like a goose in heat. I had to take that stupid codeine cough syrup last night so getting up this morning was a bit of a struggle. And then there was court.
It was the usual day. Lots of confusion with defense attorneys all over the place, defendants everywhere, District Attorneys popping in and out of courtrooms and judges trying to conduct business over all of the hubbub. Normal.

But I wasn't. I kept sounding off like that stupid goose. One judge even warned a DA to stay away from my air space!

So it was with some depressive thoughts that I returned to my office to face a pile of paper and the usual client phone calls.

And I got an unexpected call from the woman who had filmed the Vocal Arts Ensemble Celtic Charm concert last spring. We had performed in a church in Cambria. It was a beautiful setting, one that we had preformed in before, but for that concert, Dan was there. Right in the front row. All 6'4" of him trying to scrunch up in a folding chair. He looked a little like that folding chair.

Anyway, Sandy (the filmographer) had just heard about Dan's death and called to give her condolences and to tell me that she was sending me a copy of the concert on CD. She knew I had purchased some but she remembered that I planned to give them all away. She also knew that she had caught Dan on film while I was introducing Danny Boy.
I was stunned.

Then I got a call from the mother of a client. She had heard from her son that my brother had passed. She had waited to call me until now because she didn't want the call to be about anything but her condolences.
I was flabbergasted.

Then I got a call from a friend who sings with me in VAE. She has been reading this blog every now and then. I read her yesterday's entry and she and I both cried. She told me about watching Dan while we would rehearse and how apparent it was that he and I had a special sibling relationship.
I was humbled.

I really had never considered my relationship with Dan unusual. Until the day he left us. Until people started to tell me what their relationships were like.

I have been truly blessed. A brother that was my best friend and friends who call when I need them.

Yes, today was one of those days. One of those days when I realize that I am blessed.


  1. Some things have to be marked down to providence... how cool that she not only caught Dan on video, but remembered...

  2. You are and will always be blessed with the gifts that you continue to give. What a joy to read and see the connection of God's gift of brotherly and sisterly love! What a awesome gift for you to be a part of that love that you will always have.