Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Saturday, March 12, 2011


The first thing that I would do when I got in my car on a work morning (well, after I put on my seat belt, plugged in the phone, and started the car...) was call Dan. It was a daily ritual.

He would say, "Oh, it's you..." and I would say, "Where are you?"

Every work day.

He would tell me where he was and where he was going. He would tell me what kind of a load he had. He would tell me what time he started that morning and what time he expected to end.

I would tell him how many appearances I would have that morning. What kind of cases I was dealing with and with what judges and prosecutors.

Some days (rare) he wouldn't want to talk. He would be grumpy about something. I could usually get him to rant about whatever was bothering him. He said that always helped.

If I didn't want to talk he knew I was on that planet called trial preparation and he would leave me alone. Sometime he would go off on a rant just to make me pay attention to something other than what was going on in my brain. Sometimes it worked.

Today wasn't an official work day but I went into the office cuz I have a trial on Monday. I put on my seat belt, I plugged in my phone, I started the car and I started to hit the auto dial button.

Dan's number is still there. I can't take it off and I won't. At least not yet. Not for awhile.

I can't talk to him on the phone but we had a great conversation in my head today.

Thanks, Dan.

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  1. I used to call Eric on my way home from work. Not everyday, but at least once or twice a week. He is still in my cell phone and my home phone and he always will be. His address is still on my holiday card list. How could I erase him?? Sometimes I smile when I see it, sometimes I get sad, but I can't let it go. I think that's ok for both of us.