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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A woman in my singing group lost her brother this last weekend. It was sudden, without warning. In the last year and a half she has lost her mother, her father and now her brother. I can not imagine the depth of her grief. My heart breaks for her and for me.

When I heard the news on Monday, it was as if I had just heard the news about Dan, The hole that I thought had healed a bit was laid wide open again. I was stunned.

I did not know my fellow singer's brother. I know her as a talented singer but I know little of her life outside of rehearsal and performance. But the effect of her loss was profound on me.

This is a journey. Learning about your own grief and living your life in a conscience manner. And it takes twists and turns that are never expected. As I explored the blogging world I met Liz who lost her brother suddenly about one year before Dan died. Her blog is at http://366daysoferic.blogspot.com and helped me find my way.

As I have learned there is a community of us learning how to take this journey. How to share the pain and the hollowness that sometimes wants to swallow us.

If you know someone who is part of this community please let them know that we are here to share.

Dan would really, really like that.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, my heart goes out to your friend as well.

    PS--I like your title too. :)