Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dan talked about Smitty a lot. He was always excited to go to Minnesota because he might get to see Smitty and his wife.

They went to a music festival in Northern California together. They had a ball.

I got to meet Smitty once. I was pregnant with Melodie. That was over 38 years ago.

They didn't talk all the time. Like all kinds of friends, they stayed in touch every couple of months or so. No big deal.

But Smitty hadn't heard from Dan and he couldn't get him on his phone. So he went to the internet and he found this blog. Today. And he called.

He was in shock. He was broken hearted. I didn't know that no one had called him.

How many people have we missed? How many don't know that Dan is not with us anymore? He had friends everywhere.

If you read this and you think there is someone out there that needs to know about Dan, please tell them. Please make it personal. Please. Please.

I know that Smitty is hurting right now. I wish I could help him.

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  1. Oh man, what a gut punch...I kinda know how he feels, learning something like this online. I feel bad for him :(