Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Monday, March 14, 2011


Dan snuck into court one time and watched me. Scared the pants off of me as I was walking out.

He was fascinated by what I did. Hell, he was fascinated by a lot of things. It was his basic intellectual curiosity.

We weren't doing anything big that day. I think I had a client sentenced in a misdemeanor and I continued another case. Just the day to day stuff.

He never got to see me in trial. It was something that he wanted to see. He wanted to see me do a voir dire of a jury and deal with DA's and judges under the constraints of the Code of Civil Procedure and the Evidence Code. He couldn't imagine me holding my tongue or not being snide. But in a court room I USUALLY behave.

He would have loved today when the judge handed the DA and I her "Rules of Court" and told us both to follow her rules of comportment. "Have I ever comported myself? I asked. "We can always hope" she answered.

God, Dan would have rolled over laughing!

Yeah, he probably is right now.

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