Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Friday, April 22, 2011

A-1 Sauce

I am cooking up a hamburger for myself tonight and open the fridge to get the A-1 Sauce for it.

Can't have a hamburger without A-1.

Can't have a steak without A-1.

Dad would get really ticked but Dan had to have his A-1 on the world's best filet. If it was red meat it had to have A-1.

We were a family of red meat carnivores. Meat and potatoes. Corn was allowed as were peas. An occasional green been casserole was acceptable at Christmas and Thanksgiving. My mother force fed us lettuce salads.   

Our father prided himself on the exact timing on the barbeque for the perfect steak. If people came to dinner we had steak and Dad barbequed them.

They were served with corn on the cob and baked potatoes. A token salad was afforded guests. Mom went out of her way to make that salad a big deal.

And A-1 was on the table.

The last meal that Dan had at my home was a hot dog.

Guess what he had on it?

I can't look a bottle of that stuff in the eye without smiling.


  1. Meat is merely a conduit for the A-1 Sauce. Truly. And today I will try a hot dog with A-1 on it, because it never occurred to me to try that before...If I like it, props to Dan. If I hate it, I'll blame you ;)

  2. Glad you are smiling. :) And yes, I am a singer too, funny isn't it? I do mostly musical theatre.