Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Orange Blossom Festival. Huge deal in my hometown.

See Lindsay was carved out of an orange grove. Or that's what it smelled like in April. The sweet smell of those blossoms meant many things but to us kids they just smelled good. And they meant OBF.

Every year the high school and junior high bands would work very hard on their marching skills. The baton girls practiced tossing and catching. And the local civic groups made floats. Some were quite simple. And then there was the DeMolay float.

It was the year that Dan was the Grand Master. He and his friend Jon Awbry made (I thing Jon's mom was in on this,too) a red dog house with a life size, paper mache, Snoopy on the roof. Straight our of "Peanuts". Happiness is.......

It was grand.

I remember watching it (and them) go by our dad's office that day. Dad was so proud. Mom was all excited. I remember laughing.

Yesterday was OBF in Lindsay. I hope it left a good memory or two for some kid living there now.

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