Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He was Awesome

Sometimes the offspring can spring one on you.

She was suppose to be studying. After all, she graduates from law school in August and takes the Bar exam in February. She is my retirement plan. She better be studying.

But she got to thinking about letting people know about our Farewell to Daniel.

She thought there ought to be a poster. So she designs one.

This is, as she says, her first draft. Of course it won't copy here because the file is too big and it is jpeg in a word document so blogger gets confusilated and shuts down.

So I thought I would at least show the picture. I hadn't seen it before.

Melodie and Dan at Camp Nelson

It was her first ride with him. He was telling her to ride like she was a piece of luggage. They were gone for a long time.

Anyway, she puts his name across the bottom of the picture and fills in the rest with
Then she tells people to come share their stories, songs and memories on the Sunday before Memorial Day at our cabin.

The poster is awesome. But more than that--the love that they had for each other was awesome.

I am so glad that Dan could give her that kind of unconditional, always there love that didn't come with any parental discipline or history. It just was.

And it always will be.


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