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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've Had It

Enough with the dying. Brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents. It seems that everyone I know is losing someone.

Tonight Jed learned that his mother passed away. Suddenly. No warning.

The wound just can't heal. It keeps getting ripped open. I met Jed's mom once. At our last Christmas concert. She hadn't heard Jed sing in years and he brought her up to San Luis Obispo so that she could be here for our performance.

We went to dinner and had a wonderful time. We laughed and talked about life and our children. Right in front of them, of course. She was vivacious and full of life.

She cried when she found out that Dan had died. He had helped she and her husband get around the night of the concert. He had made a friend of her. Neither knew it would be the last time that they were to hear us sing.

My heart aches at the loss. It aches for Jed. It aches for all the loses.

Please tell me that this will get better. Please.

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