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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Traffic Cams

Driving to work this morning I saw it. I should say I noticed it.

The traffic web camera.

It hangs on a huge pole right at the entrance ramp to Highway 101 at 4th Street in Pismo Beach.

I almost slammed on my brakes. Then I noticed that 1) I was in the middle lane, 2) I was going a bit over the speed limit and 3) there was a giant truck on my bumper. Not a good time to stop and reverse time.

You see, Dan would have me take that on ramp some mornings (instead of my usual one), pull over to the side of the ramp, get out of my car and wave at the camera. He would be sitting in his truck, on his computer, looking at the pictures from that web camera on the internet.

He said he waved back but I couldn't see him.

Then I would get back in my car and slide into traffic. He would always tell me if cars or trucks were coming and when it was safe to go.  Always protecting his little sister.

I think he waved at me today.

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