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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fred and Ethel

Dan had profound effects on my daughter's life. From sitting with her at her first Christmas to encouraging her through her law school studies. He was in such awe of her intelligence and her focus. In fact, when she was about 6 he quit playing the card game of Concentration with her because she would whip his behind every time!

But my daughter is very serious. There is logic in everything. There is purpose in everything. She will make a great lawyer because fun for her is working.

Dan worked very hard to get her to play. To let go and just be.

Enter Fred and Ethel

When Dan took her somewhere and wanted to be silly he became Fred and she became Ethel. As Ethel, no one knew her, she didn't know her, and she could be silly and free.The first time they did it was on a beach in southern California. She was only about 7 or 8 but it was a lesson in not being embarrassed with being yourself.

It was hard for her to do. It was a foreign way to act and think. She was not allowed to analyze her actions or her thoughts. She was only allowed to act. It took her out of her comfort zone and showed her how many people live their lives.

She still has trouble playing. But every once in a while we pull out Fred and Ethel.

Malcom, Melodie, Trish, and Wendy learning to play spoons at a sugar shack in Canada (Vocal Arts Ensemble Tour)
He was an incredible uncle to her. He was an incredible friend

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  1. Here's to incredible uncles!! So glad your daughter had so much time with hers. :)