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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Boots

We got a letter yesterday from a cigar company. That's not unusual in our house as Mel smokes cigars and pipes. It was about the boots.

Mel had replied to an offer for a free pair of cowboy boots from this company. He ordered them for Dan. He got a color that Dan liked and in Dan's size. They were suppose to arrive in 6 weeks.

Dan was gone in four weeks.

They were suppose to be a surprise.

The boots never came. Mel mentioned it once but I didn't want to think about it and I am sure he didn't either.

So we ignored it.

Then I found the copy of Mel's reply to the offer in my office. I still didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to think about looking at boots that Dan would never wear. I didn't want to think about boots that Mel and I would never trip over because Dan left in the middle of the room. I didn't want to think about boots that I would threaten to throw at him if he didn't stop teasing me.

Then we got the letter. They were really sorry but the boots had been delayed because of overwhelming response to the offer.

I had really hoped that they would never come. That I wouldn't have to look at them or think about what to do with them.

I thought I would give them to the homeless shelter where Dan had volunteered. Then Melodie had a brilliant idea. "take them to Camp Nelson. Dan can have them there."

So, when they come that is where they will go. I am sure he is there somewhere.

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