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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writer's Conference

 Dan, as I have said before, was an intellectual trucker. He read everything and retained more than any man should have a right to do. He actually was a very good writer but he hated to write. That came from, I think, his lousy handwriting. And his handwriting was awful. Worse than mine! And I have the excuse of being a "professional" so I am suppose to have bad handwriting and a worse signature. Believe me, I do.

But Dan should have been a writer. Bill tried to get him to go back to school to hone that skill but Dan hated school more than he hated traffic jams. So Bill, being Bill, invited Dan to his condo in Sun Valley, Idaho at the same time that the Sun Valley Writer's Conference was happening. Bill can be sneaky....

Of course, Dan didn't have an admission tag. Bill did and Bill's wife, Kathy did, but Dan didn't. And those little plastic thingys were expensive. Plus they weren't selling anymore of them. But Dan wanted to go to some of the lectures and workshops.

Sooooo......I have been told by a party who shall remain nameless that one of my siblings  someone "accidentally" stepped on the foot of the volunteer guarding the door at one of the lectures. The poor thing was so distracted by the profuse apologies being made to her by this the handsome Viking  that some other people were able to enter the room before they were checked for the proper credentials. This, of course, is complete and total hearsay. I know nothing.....

To say that Dan was hooked on the Writer's Conference would be an understatement. Being in the same room with accomplished writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, of great literature of all kinds made him feel like he was over the moon. He would talk with them, share his thoughts and be taken seriously. Dan, the truck driver. Taken seriously by serious people. Walking in tall cotton, as our father would say.
He planned to go again this year.

This is the link to this years Sun Valley Writer's Conference. Enjoy.  http://www.svwc.com/

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  1. I've never been to a conference. But now I know how to get in ;)

    I wonder if he realized his being there was pure gold to the "serious" writers...real people, those who have a love of words and how they might make it onto paper, how words can become literary paint, those people are far more interesting to swap ideas with than other "serious" writers.

    (I'm not a serious writer...I write fluff and crap and love it LOL)