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Friday, February 25, 2011


The stars seemed to align today. I got my first blog hit from Canada and someone posted a You Tube film of Vocal Arts Ensemble singing in the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal last summer. I had asked Dan to go with us but he was in no position to do so.

So instead I sent him pictures of all the churches and basilicas where we sang and a lot of the touristy places that we explored. He was complaining that he had way to may church pictures in his phone. He kept saying that the phone would explode if he got any more!

He would have loved this clip. It starts with my son-in-law as the soloist. I had just called Dan and told him where we were and that the tour group in England forgot to tell the church folk that we were coming to sing so we did not get a chance to rehearse or even warm up. He was laughing saying that we were good enough to go on cold. We sound better on the film than I thought we did at the time but our choreography, simple as it was, needed a bit of help. Right, left, right, left.....

It was another of the things that Dan would fall out of his chair laughing about. A bunch of singers who don't miss a beat in song can't stay in rhythm to walk down an aisle. He would watch us walk around and around a room trying to stay in step with the music that we were singing without accompaniment.

He would find this clip a scream. Do enjoy it. He would have.


I wish he could have been there.

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