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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saving Boston

On one of the family trips back East, we stopped in Boston and stayed at a hotel near the Boston Commons. I don't remember much about Boston. I do remember the Commons and the people around the Commons.
Please remember, we were from a very small town. Our drunks were relegated to Sweet Briar Ave down near the railroad tracks and the bars near there. I wasn't allowed in that area of town.

So when I saw a real city drunk in a doorway of a public building, I thought he was sick. So did Bill and Dan. They were allowed to go out by themselves and this is where they met the poor man in the doorway.
They try to wake him up. They try to find out where he lived (we didn't know homeless) They find out that the man is hungry. So up they come to the room.

"Dad, we need some money" to buy some food for this guy. Or something along this line. My dad started to laugh and my mom started to cry. She was afraid that they had contracted some disease. Dad just thought they were learning.

My brothers didn't know they were being taken for a ride. They thought they were helping. They thought they were saving this guy in Boston.

Dan kept on trying to save guys for the rest of his life.

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