Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Animals and Kites

Watching my dogs and cats today made me laugh. Dan did not like any of them. It's not that he didn't like them it was that he didn't understand why they wanted to be with him all the time!
So, one day last Spring, when he had been giving me a bad time about not going to the beach with the dogs enough, I got him to go with me. This picture is Dan and LadyBug. Neither one liked being in the water. Both liked watching it. LadyBug would watch the other dogs and Dan would watch the people.
Usually he would take his kite. It was huge. And it always brought a group of people (mostly kids) who would watch him make that thing dance.
So our agreement was that when Spring came we would fly kites and walk the dogs more often. He really liked the feel of the ocean. He said the sound and the movement calmed him down. I don't know if I wrote this before but whenever he was at his apartment at the end of my work day, he would make a cup of sassafrass tea for me. He loved that tea and I hated it. But I drank it with him as we sat on the bluff overlooking the Pacific. I would tell him the frustrations of my day and he would ask me what I wanted to do with my life because life was too short to be that frustrated.
I think I want to drink sassafrass tea, walk the dogs and fly a kite.
God, I miss him.

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  1. First day of Spring... taking the dogs to the beach and flying a kite sounds like a great way to feel a little closer to him, and to honor him. The tea sounds good for right now. Well, in theory. I've never had sassafrass tea...