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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Birthday

Three years ago Dan was given a t-shirt that read "I'm not 60  I'm 59.95 plus tax". He wore it all the way to his 60th birthday. Right after his birthday he mailed it to Melvin who proudly wore it through the year to his 60th. Melvin then gave the t-shirt to me. I wore it once this year. I think the t-shirt is really funny. I don't think my birthday this year is. Turning 60 is a big milestone for some reason. I don't look 60 and heaven knows I don't act it.

Dan kept saying it was just a number. But now it doesn't feel that way at all.

So, Melodie and Jed went with Mel and I to dinner tonight to commemorated my 60th. My good friend Kathy sent flowers and had them make me a cake with a penguin on it. It was a wonderful dinner. The kids gave me a one-piece pajama with penguin feet. It is hysterical!  But we all missed Dan. He belonged at that table making bad jokes about his baby sister. It made me sad.

But we were all together. We held hands and toasted Dan. We shared our day and laughed and ate way to much. Then I called my brother Bill to raz him for not calling me. We laughed and we shared our day.

A gift of family. Not a bad gift for an old (well, sorta) lady.

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  1. 60 is not old. It can't be. I turn 50 in 2011 and am not a grownup yet, so 60 CANNOT be old...