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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life Goes On

One of Dan's "talents" was his ability to make a pun out of just about anything. We would have whole conversations based on puns. It was enough that my daughter would threaten to stop the car and make us walk!
(Zelda (my cocker spaniel) taking a nap was having the pause that refreshed.) He would call me to tell me his latest pun and I would just groan while he insisted that the joke was the best ever told! I wish I could remember them all.
This line of thought started when my daughter hit me with a pun this morning. I wasn't sure whether to groan, laugh or cry. So I did a little of each. While I was doing that I realized that she and I are still here and still working each day. We are getting up and going to bed and putting one foot in front of another.
Then a wild thing happened. I got an email (4 separate ones, really) from one of Dan's best high school friends. He is now the grandfather to a set of twins! He, of course, sent pictures. The babies are darling.
Then I began to think that as one passes others enter this world. The mystery of life continues and it can not be wasted. As much as I want to curl up in a corner and hide from the world until there is a thick scab over this pain, I can not and I will not. Dan would be very upset at the wasting of time in doing that.
I began thinking about Dan's friend that had emailed me. Jon was always at our house or Dan was at his. They were both in DeMolay. Jon's mother did the flowers at my wedding. (Dan was the best man.....that's a whole nether story!) I had to smile on those memories.
They are all things that made me into the me that I am. Because of Dan I am who I am. I promise not to waste that gift.

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