Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Climbing Trees

Our home in Lindsay had a huge Balm of Gilead tree in the back yard. It was just outside my room and next to the swing and the sandbox. I remember climbing it one time and seeing Dan up near the top. I couldn't have been more than 9 or 10 so Dan was around 12. He was always doing things that would scare our Mom do death. And climbing that tree was one of them.

As I remember he got in trouble for not only climbing the tree but "enticing" me to climb it. He did no such thing but I didn't say anything because this was during the period that Dan did not exist. I was also scared that I would get into trouble and the wrath of our father scared me more than anything.

Thinking back I realize that Dan was an adventurer. He always wanted to do something new. Something he hadn't done before. He blazed a lot of trails for me and I never even knew it. He got me on a motorcycle and was working to get me to drive one.

But Dan liked to think on his own. He was in that tree to be alone. To think and to dream. He had lots of dreams. Some of them came true and some remained dreams.

I guess that is or will be true for all of us. We just have to climb our own trees and find our own way.

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