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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Music

Talking to a friend tonight. A singer in the Vocal Arts with me and my daughter and son-in-law. She was saying that she always noticed Dan when he was at a practice or at a concert because there was such joy on his face. You could see that he loved the music. He loved it not just because his family was there but because it was good music. It was timeless and it touched his soul.
I knew what she was saying. He loved music. His selections went from Bluegrass to Beethoven. He was always sending me cds or music clips of groups that he liked or that he had seen. When he was in Montana he helped with a group that brought live concerts to the town of Hamilton. He loved it. He wanted the Vocal Arts to go there and perform.
When we sang Danny Boy for our Irish concert, I managed to wrangle the introduction. Right now I can't find the recording of the intro I gave in Cambria when Dan was there but here is the link to the YouTube tape from the concert at the San Luis Obispo Mission. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdgcLdNH9Lw Or just go to YouTube and search for Vocal Arts Ensemble.
Anyway, at our Christmas concert, a week before he died, Dan was talking to a friend of mine saying that he had a recording of us singing Danny Boy and "don't tell my sister, but I play it every now and then". I socked him in the shoulder.
He loved Wilson and McKee, he loved Emmy Lou Harris, He loved Jethro Tull. He loved music.
I am so happy that I could sing for him. I am even happier that my daughter could sing for him. He loved her so much.
We both miss him so.

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