Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Sunday, December 26, 2010


One of my Cocker Spaniels likes to eat. Not just dog food. Zelda likes blankets, socks and plastic. She especially likes plastic on chicken wire. And it is plasticized chicken wire that we have used to fence in the dog area of the back yard. As a result, Zelda has seen much of the neighborhood that she was not suppose to see. On occasion she took LadyBug and Mohawk (the other two Cocker Spaniels) with her on her adventures.

So when Dan came out to California the first order of business at our house was to re-fence the dog area. This was not Dan's idea of a fun time as he had to do this in Montana to keep horses in line. But being the sport that he is he helped me unwind wire horse fencing and attaching it to the posts. It took us all day but we thought we had Zelda licked.

Ya Know What? Zelda not only chews, she digs. Especially when gophers dig under the fence. She just follows the gopher hole. So Dan and I piled up dirt and rocks and buried chicken wire underneath mounds of rocks and dirt.

Zelda climbed up a horizontal tree trunk and pulled the horse wire off, chewed the chicken wire and went for another adventure!

Dan changed her name to Hoodini! He kept telling me to electrify the fence like they did for the horses. I had to explain that a Cocker Spaniel is not a horse. Since he was not a dog fan this argument never got very far in his mind.

It didn't matter. We put a gate up so that the dogs can't go in the dog area without human supervision. It has done a lot for the amount of reading I get done and Zelda and her co-conspirators behave when humans are present.

I took them out tonight and saw the left over horse fencing. I hope there is no fencing to be done in Heaven. It would really piss Dan off.

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