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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last Year

Last Christmas Dan sat on our couch, Melodie and Jed were here and we all opened our presents together. I had decorated the house but without a tree. The place was bright with lights. We laughed and ate. We watched A Christmas Story and made bad puns. My lemon meringue pie tasted great and looked terrible. Dan was letting his hair grow. It was one of the best Christmas evenings that I had ever had.

Our childhood has serious Christmas memories. Mom did the house up with almost every nook and cranny covered in some kind of decoration. The tree was always a display of glitter, lights and ribbon. We had big family dinners and lots of going and coming. I still have her Christmas Elves that I use to decorate my house at Christmas. 

But this year there are no decorations. No bright lights. We even avoided presents for the most part. I sent my Christmas greetings over the internet. I simply could not go through those motions this year. But Melodie and Jed came over and we ate and laughed. We watched A Christmas Story and made very bad puns. My lemon meringue pie tasted great and looked terrible (someday I will get it right).

It was a pretty good Christmas.

I just wish Dan were here.

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  1. There was laughter...that's good. It beats all the presents and decorations you could have put up. And you know you can't ever get the pie right...that's part of the celebration :)