Dan Gisvold at Bear Creek

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trucking in the Rain

It's raining. Not in sheets just a constant, steady rain. Dan used to call when he was on the road in the rain and complain. Not about the rain but about drivers in the rain. "It's just rain. It's water. Just drive the damn car!"
When I told him that driving in the rain made me nervous he'd say "You know how to drive? Then drive." He always wanted people to know that trucks don't stop on a dime, especially when it was wet or cold. "Give me some room and I won't make you flat!"
He once told me that if anyone ever knew how relaxed he was when driving they would just freak out. Eating a sandwich, talking on the phone (I made him get a blue tooth), listening to his music all while he was driving 20 thousand pounds of cargo down the road- that was his method of operation.
He managed to avoid to huge accidents although he did land in a couple of ditches in the snow. He was good and he enjoyed the driving. He hated the loading and unloading. He hated unorganized situations and that is just what loading and unloading was.
And tonight it is raining. So I think of him driving. I think of him passing my house on the freeway. He would call when he got within a mile or so. I would go out on the upper balcony and he would blink his trailer lights and I would wave as he went by on the freeway below us. He couldn't see me but I could see his truck. I felt like a kid and I think he did too.
It is raining and I miss him.

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  1. The brotherly version of honking the horn for kids :) Very cool that you could see his trailer lights blinking from your balcony!